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Vista Azul * Paradise Bay * San Juan del Sur is a property located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, offering picturesque views of Costa Rica and San Juan Del Sur Bay.
The property covers approximately 30 acres or 16 manzanas (MZ) and is currently available for sale at a price of 1.5 million USD for the entire lot

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Alternatively, there is an option to purchase two separate parcels, each priced at 750,000 USD. One of the key features of this property is that about two-thirds of the total area is designated as buildable land, making it an attractive opportunity for developers.
This significant portion of land provides the potential to construct numerous houses or other structures on the property. Water and power accessibility are already in place, which adds to the feasibility of development on the site.
These utilities are crucial for any construction project and enhance the overall appeal and convenience of the property. The property’s proximity to town is another notable aspect, as it is located close to San Juan del Sur.
Additionally, it is situated at the highest point in town and can be accessed via two roads, providing easy accessibility. The property has a good title with a 1st American policy previously in place, which offers assurance regarding the ownership and legal aspects of the land. The panoramic views offered by the property are exceptional, as they encompass all directions, including views of Costa Rica and San Juan Del Sur Bay.
This feature adds to the overall value and attractiveness of the property. Furthermore, this property represents the last remaining large development site in San Juan del Sur, which adds exclusivity and scarcity to its appeal. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the current asking price reflects a significant reduction from the initial listing price of 2.5 million USD, indicating a potential opportunity for interested buyers.
Additionally, the owner is leaving for overseas, which may further motivate the sale. Overall, Vista Azul * Paradise Bay * San Juan del Sur presents an attractive opportunity for developers or individuals looking to invest in a property with panoramic views, proximity to town, and the potential for significant development.

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30acres 16manzanas


San Juan del Sur


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